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Funeral service planning

Advanced planning of your service will help your family immensely. It is a comfort to all concerned when you have already chosen the style of service you would like together with your musical tribute preferences.
Choose whether it is a religious or secular funeral, the style of flowers, the music you do or do not want to have played or sung. Would you like to nominate a charity for donations instead of money being spent on flowers? Plan the readings or poems you would like presented or included in the funeral brochure.
Your personal input into the ceremony will add depth and integrity to your service.
The service of ‘Planning Your Own Musical Tribute' is conducted in a one off meeting, which is comparable to creating a will. Eileen will help you set in place the details of your own future funeral. This is documented with copies to be kept with your will and with your next of kin. It can be as detailed or as simple as you wish, the goal is to remove stress, doubt and unnecessary cost during your loved ones' time of grief.