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 Remembering the unique person who has died:Funeral Music

• Publish the Obituary Notice in the local paper

• Presentation of the coffin can be with photographs, a special book, personal belongings, e.g. medals, hat, pipe, rosary beads, etc.. A flag may be draped over the coffin. Flowers or the placing of single roses
by family members

• Flowers and plants are a way of decorating the location of the service. These are displays of sympathy and support by family and friends 

• Type of service: religious or secular

• Eulogy and Readings: ask family members and friends (who are comfortable with public speaking) to give a fitting tribute or eulogy (suggest 2 - 5 minutes each). It is important to check with the Minister regarding the appropriate length of time, number of speakers and where it should be said in the service.

• Organise funeral music: with the singer or the minister, as they are familiar with the funeral service. It is important to discuss the songs with the Minister as some are not in favour of certain songs / hymns being played or sung during their service

• If a significant family member or friend is unable to attend it is helpful to record the service on video or audio tape

• Delegate the role of making payments on the day for sevices, e.g. Minister, Musician, etc.

• Suggestions for preparing the Service Booklet (guide only):

Front Cover
Ideally a photo of the deceased, their name, with their birth date and the date they were born into eternal life. The location of the funeral service and the funeral date.

Body of the Booklet - depends on the type of service
(Example for Catholic Funeral Mass)
Name of the Entrance Hymn
Blessing of the Coffin
Opening Prayer
Eulogy can either be delivered before the First Reading or after Communion
First Reading
Responsorial Psalm (state whether it is 'to be sung')
Second Reading
Alleluia Verse (state whether it is 'to be sung')
Gospel Reading
Prayers of the Faithful
Offertory (list the hymn)
Communion (list the hymns ‘to be sung’)
Eulogy (if not already delivered)
Final Prayers
Prayer Of Commendation
Recessional Hymn

Inside Back Cover
It is nice to acknowledge those involved with the funeral tribute, i.e. the speakers, the minister, the singer, etc..

Back Cover
Invitation to the final resting place, e.g. We warmly invite you to accompany the ‘deceased' to their final resting place.
Invitation for funeral afters - reception, including the address, phone number and perhaps directions.

Organise the location for funeral afters - reception. Some cultures like to celebrate the person's life by having music at the afters. Eileen is also available to sing at the wake if this is the case.


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